WE STILL HAVE COPIES OF IRON FLAME WITH SPRAYED BLACK EDGES. If you put isbn # 9781649374172 in your cart you will get the sprayed black edges even tho the website says backordered and plain edges.

Outer Banks Sunrise Sea Bag Bucket


Carry an Outer Banks Sunrise with you everywhere you go!

Introducing our new Custom Sea Bags Collection.

The original art is acrylic on fabric in the Oriental brush painting style. The artist is Whit Dunkle, MD. In the 1980’s, Whit came to the Outer Banks to windsurf and practice medicine as a family practice doctor. Now living and practicing in the Greater DC area, he began painting in this method as a response to the Pandemic. He says “Breathing in the rhythm of the brush strokes is a Zen practice. And painting an Outer Banks sunrise just deepens the sense of calm”.