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Gull Island by Elvin Hooper

SKU: 9781597151238

Gull Island and Other Stories transports us back to the 1950s on Hatteras Island, before the Bonner Bridge crossed Oregon Inlet. The island folk were a hardy lot. Most of their dwellings were simple, comfortable, and well built to withstand the adverse weather conditions. The homes contained a sixty-amp electrical service. They had one wall outlet and a pull-chain light in the center of the ceiling of each room. Some of the older dwellings still had outhouses and lacked running water. All native islanders had the freedom to wander the beaches, marshes, and sounds. They were hunters, fishermen, and gatherers. They all maintained gardens, raised a few livestock, and lived in harmony with nature. They gave their children a parcel of land to build upon. This was a time long before the building boom when development consumed the area. It was a time when you could take a man at his word, and your neighbor was your friend.  Signed copies available.