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Today, I Feel Sad: A Book About Managing Emotions By Amy West, Okan Bulbul (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Amy West, Okan Bulbul (Illustrator)
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Discover powerful coping strategies that help kids acknowledge & overcome sadness

While most days feel sunny and bright, know that dark cloudy days may also come to you. When you feel a little spot of sadness, being a good friend to yourself matters. Remember that extending kindness to yourself can be magical when you feel blue. This social emotional book empowers kids to internalize and process their sadness using healthy coping strategies.

Turn your sadness "light switch" from on to off by learning to manage the blues

It's okay to cry. Even grown-ups do sometimes. Life is full of ups and downs. But sometimes our feelings may be too strong to carry. When that happens, acknowledge how you feel and be kind to yourself. Then identify the cause of your blues. Break each problem into smaller pieces to address. Soon, you'll find that sadness is a light switch that you can flip from off to on.

Written by a children's psychologist to help kids express their emotions in a healthy way

Dr. Amy West is a clinical psychologist that works with children to help them manage their emotional well-being. She has a passion for teaching kids the coping strategies and skills they need to express their emotions to help empower kids to build a healthier relationship with themselves and others.

Complete the Entire "Today I Feel" Series

Dr. Amy West is on a mission to help children reach their full potential by giving them the practical tools and lessons they need to process and express their emotions in difficult situations. She has helped thousands of children boost confidence and self-esteem with other books like Today, I Feel Angry and Today, I Feel Anxious.

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ISBN: 9781957922621
ISBN-10: 1957922621
Publisher: Puppy Dogs & Ice Cream
Publication Date: January 13th, 2023
Pages: 36
Language: English