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Fry, Thrive, or Die: A Fun Pocket Guide to 50 Common, Delicious, Hallucinogenic, Medicinal, and Poisonous Mushrooms of the Western United S By Mike Amaranthus Cover Image
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Are you skeptical of your ability to distinguish a delicious mushroom from a deadly one?

Do you want to find, process, and prepare wild mushrooms for food and medicine?

Fry, Thrive, or Die features fifty common, delicious, hallucinogenic, medicinal, and poisonous mushrooms of the Western United States. The guide prepares readers to hunt and serve wild mushrooms, as well as delight the reader with stories, history, possibilities, recipes, and more.

A pocket-sized field guide to the most prominent and distinctive wild mushrooms in the Western United States, from the Pacific Coast to the Rocky Mountains, and from the Southwest deserts to the Olympic Peninsula rainforests. Each species is identified with a detailed color picture, distinct features, as well as information on habitat, fruiting timing, edibility, creative uses, and dangerous look-alikes.

Mushrooms attract a distinct audience. There are wild mushrooms that make a splendid meal, can improve your health, potentially save your life, or end your life. This guide is suitable for both beginning foragers as well as experienced mushroom maniacs who seek new information on mushroom medicines, toxins, hallucinogens, innovative applications, and edibility. Happy hunting and fry and thrive

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ISBN: 9781662931048
ISBN-10: 1662931042
Publisher: Gatekeeper Press
Publication Date: March 14th, 2023
Pages: 330
Language: English