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Pandemic Times Tantrums ... tann trr umms By Vinay Kamtikar (Kamti) Cover Image
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The Pandemic times are possibly the most terrible memories that those who lived through it will have faced. The memories are incredible .... true to the statement, Fact is stranger than Fiction. The times have left us worried, confused, troubled and ... even made us laugh. Who would have thought that an entire year would, literally, Zoom past .... on our laptops. And we would be not just wedded but caged with our spouses and immediate families too. "Familiarity first leads to boredom and then contempt" ... we lived these lines. The man of the house did not just own the house but literally ran it too ... what with helping out on dusting/scrubbing/cooking/washing/cleaning ... actually helping with almost everything in the house. The human side of the humans; and their full abilities, came out in the open and exposed, as the human was caged. The birds and animals chirped and barked with joy and in undisguised sarcasm, as the world was now theirs during these times. There was a lot of humour too, for those who could see it. I did ... and sharing some of it with you. Hope you like and ... laugh, as I intend you too The Tough times will surely pass ... and will then laugh them away, in the future.

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ISBN: 9781638731689
ISBN-10: 1638731683
Publisher: Notion Press
Publication Date: March 29th, 2021
Pages: 50
Language: English