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The Fungal Pharmacy: The Complete Guide to Medicinal Mushrooms and Lichens of North America By Robert Rogers, Solomon P. Wasser (Foreword by) Cover Image
By Robert Rogers, Solomon P. Wasser (Foreword by)
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The ultimate guide to maximizing the healing properties of medicinal mushrooms and lichens—featuring over 300 detailed plant profiles for easy mushroom identification
Noted herbalist Robert Rogers introduces readers to more than 300 species of medicinal mushrooms and lichens found in North America. These fungi have the capacity to heal both the body and—through the process of myco-remediation—the planet itself. Throughout the book, he documents their success in optimizing the immune system and treating a wide range of acute and chronic diseases, including cardiovascular, respiratory, and liver problems, blood sugar disorders, cancer, and obesity.
The Fungal Pharmacy also outlines the medicinal traits and unique properties of each mushroom or lichen, including:

• active chemical components
• preparation methods for extracts, essences, essential oils, and more
• historical and modern-day usage
• cultural, religious, and literary significance, with fun facts on etymology and history
• plus, 200 full-color photos and thorough descriptions for easy identification
The ultimate guide to identifying and healing with medicinal North American fungi, The Fungal Pharmacy is a valuable resource for mycologists, mushroom hunters, wild-crafters, and anyone interested in natural health care.

About the Author

Robert Dale Rogers has been an herbalist for over forty years. He has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Alberta, where he is an assistant clinical professor in family medicine. He taught plant medicine, including herbology and flower essences, at MacEwan University for ten years, and presently in the Earth Spirit Medicine Program at the Northern Star College in Edmonton. Robert has been the chair of several agricultural health committees, in addition to being on the editorial boards of the International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms and Discovery Phytomedicine. He also cohosts The Alberta Herb Gathering (www.herbgatheringalberta.com), held every other year, and lives on on Millcreek Ravine in Edmonton with his wife, Laurie Szott-Rogers.

Praise For…

"The Fungal Pharmacy is a great book for anyone interested in the medicinal properties of mushrooms. In this rapidly developing field, I am delighted to recommend this book to both amateurs and professionals. Robert Rogers has made a significant contribution … highly recommended!” —Paul Stamets, author of Mycelium Running

"Robert Rogers is amazingly knowledgeable of the mushrooms and other wild fungi of the Pacific Northwest , and eager to share his knowledge. Doctor, heal thyself—learn your mushrooms and get out into the woods!" —Britt Bunyard, publisher and editor-in-chief of Fungi magazine

“Robert's knowledge of plants and fungi can make one's head spin with medicinal, traditional, and culinary uses.” —Martin Osis, president of the Alberta Mycological Society

The Fungal Pharmacy is the first book in the field to attempt to understand the energetics and personality of the medicinal mushrooms rather than relying solely on their pharmacological profiles.  By 'energetics' I mean the basic pathological patterns of the mushroom, such as hot or cold, damp or dry.  By ‘personality’ I mean the indications peculiar to a mushroom that come from an intimate working knowledge of a medicine. This method represents the high road for the intuitive practitioner.” —Matthew Wood, author of The Earthwise Herbal

"An extensively researched and comprehensive synthesis of traditional knowledge and contemporary scientific data. An invaluable resource to anyone with an interest in traditional medicine or simply a fascination with lichens." —Heath O'Brien, PhD
"Packed with information, The Fungal Pharmacy is a 'must-read' for all who are interested in medicinal mushrooms. Highly readable, the book is useful for students, biologists, naturalists, and the general public. A most welcome addition to the field of ethnomycology.” —Roland Treu, associate professor, Athabasca University

“The Fungal Pharmacy is a 'must' reference for mycologists, mushroom hunters, and practitioners of natural health care. … Full color photos pack a survey of clinical studies, homeopathic uses, global folklore and cultural references, and more. [The Fungal Pharmacy] is the first book in the field that investigates the pathological patterns of medicinal mushrooms rather than their pharmacological profiles. … There's nothing as extensive currently in print." Midwest Book Review

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