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The Long Green Tunnel By David Barol Cover Image
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A young man flew from Philadelphia to Maine to follow his dream. This is not his story. Instead, it is the story of another young man in search of his dream. Through the mud, the mosquitoes, and face-to-face moose encounters, he found the path to take him from where he began to where he had to go - and that made all the difference. It is a story of wrong turns, failed relationships, courage, and fear. It takes place on a hike, but this is no more a book on hiking than Huckleberry Finn was a book on navigation. The Long Green Tunnel confronts the challenge of two people working together without first agreeing on a shared vision, and without testing that vision against the hardships any journey will bring. Truth or fiction? The hike really did happen, the people are real - only the names of the dogs have been changed. It is not just a hiking book, but a book about journeys.

About the Author

David Barol is an acclaimed author, speaker, trainer, and financial consultant. His writing and speaking revolve around public policy, finance, and fun. A graduate of the University of Virginia, he majored in Political and Social Thought, and then went on to Harvard University, where he holds a Masters in Public Policy from the Kennedy School. Very active in his community, he lives near Philadelphia with his wife and three children. You can find his books at www.balahousepublishing.com or wherever great literature is sold.

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ISBN: 9780991455904
ISBN-10: 0991455908
Publisher: Bala House Publishing
Publication Date: July 9th, 2014
Pages: 236
Language: English