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Pacific Northwest Edible Plant Foraging & Mushroom Field Guide: A Complete Pacific Northwest Foraging Guide with 50+ Wild Plants & Mushrooms,18+ Recip By Stephen Fleming Cover Image
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Do you want to meet Wild Edible Plants and Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest in a single book?

Here You Go

There is something nostalgic about experiencing the nature of PNW in full bloom. Mushrooms and wild plants form a major part of this magic.

This 2-in-1 book is a concise photographic journey to the Mushrooms & Wild Edible Plants of PNW.

This book is for you if you like consuming short, crisp, and engaging information about Mushrooms and other Edible Plants within a few hours.

This is a helpful handbook with:

Interior Colored Pages with 150+ images

50+ Wild Plants & Mushrooms

18+ Recipes

The book covers:

Part 1: Foraging Wild Edible Plants

  • The exciting introduction & history of foraging
  • Why Foraging- The Benefits
  • 6 Steps of Foraging
  • Identifying, Double Checking & Harvesting
  • Preparing, Preservation & Healthy Recipes

Part 2: Mushrooms of PNW

  • The Basics of Mycology
  • 5 Golden Steps towards Foraging
  • Common Wild Mushrooms of PNW with Foraging Tips and Photographs(Also covers common poisonous ones to be avoided)
  • How to Preserve & Store
  • Delicious Wild Mushroom Recipes
  • Seasonal Mushroom Calendar of PNW
  • Appendix: Mushroom Logbook Pages

Get this book now and go through the wilderness of PNW with delicious recipes

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Product Details
ISBN: 9780645454352
ISBN-10: 0645454354
Publisher: Stephen Fleming
Publication Date: July 12th, 2022
Pages: 198
Language: English